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Residential & Commercial Property Inspections

Before you sign or close for a property in Tennessee, look to Mr. Home Inspector for a home inspection. Whether you're a homebuyer, landlord, or seller, we offer before and after inspections to look at electrical and HVAC systems as well as the entire structure, including crawl spaces and attics. We're not a large corporation; we're a local business that has a vested interest in ensuring you're receiving a fair deal during your real estate transactions.

Our Process

During inspections, we look for deficiencies and find elements that aren't operating properly. Even if nothing appears to be wrong, we recognize the symptoms and signs of issues that may arise in the future. A regular inspection for a home of up to 2,400 square feet costs $315.

Re-Inspection Services

Sometimes an initial inspection will turn up items that need to be repaired, but unless a re-inspection is done, there's often no way to ensure that work has been completed. We can re-inspect the property to verify everything has been completed for $150.

Inspecting House From The Outside

Electrical Inspection

Commercial Property Inspections

In addition to residential inspections, we provide commercial property inspections priced per square foot. We'll inspect:

• Electrical Systems & Outlets •Electrical Panels • Plumbing Systems & Fixtures • HVAC Systems

HVAC & Electrical

Our team will examine your HVAC and electrical systems to ensure they're working properly. You can choose this as a standalone service or take advantage of it through our comprehensive home inspections. Standalone HVAC inspections cost $100, and electrical inspections are $150.